About Me: Why I Am Becoming a US Army Officer

My Past

I was born in Long Branch, New Jersey. I spent my childhood and adolescence growing up in Tinton Falls, a small suburban town in New Jersey that was near Fort Monmouth, NJ. My father worked as a civilian employee for the US Army. Throughout my school years, many of my classmates and friends were children of enlisted soldiers and officers. My family wasn’t perfect and growing up wasn’t always easy for me, but looking back, it was more than I could possibly ask for. Because the truth is, I shouldn’t have even been born.

Moving Forward

Even though I have little to my name, and even though my life hasn’t amounted to much thus far, I am still so grateful. Every day I’m so damn grateful. I am an American, and I’ve had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but I’m so damn happy that I got to be alive and have so many others in my life. And I just want to have a place to call home, and a family that was better than I had. But I’ve already had more than I could ever ask for in my life, and if I never get a chance for these things, I can accept that. I had a place made possible by others and me writing this is proof enough of the chance that my father and his family were given.

My Present

(This is my personal statement attached to my OCS packet)

Living My Best Life

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